Fat Cat Solutions Co.,Ltd.


Fat Cats Solutions Co., Ltd. is an only distributor in South-East Asia of Zhejiang Safewell Precision Sheet-Metal MFG Ltd. Safewell is considered as the subsidiary manufactory of Safewell Group Holdings.

Safewell manufactures Network Enclosure, Server Racks, Wall mounted Cabinet, Fiber optics Enclosures, and Structural Cabling Products. Our product range expand to Fiber Optics, PDUs, Patch Cords as well as outdoor enclosures. Safewell pay most attention to the quality of the products as we have stable research and development. Thus, we got several certifications, which including ISO9001, ISO14001, CE an



Cleaning Service

Cleaning-Service-4 Cleaning-Service-5 Cleaning-Service-6

Moving – ขนย้ายคอมพิวเตอร์จำนวน 

gistda_0120 SDC15626 set3

Moving – ขนย้ายตู้ Rack Server

gistda_0014 SDC16033 SDC16036

Turnkey Installation – Portfolio

Turnkey-installation-1 Turnkey-installation-5 Turnkey-installation-6

 Turnkey-installation-2 Turnkey-installation-4


Open Frame Rack

4POST-275x362 SRA-275x362

Rack Accessories

Fan-shelf-275x362 (2)

Server Rack

RNA-275x362 SNB-C-type-door-275x362 SNB-with-B-type-door-275x362

SSE-275x362 SSG-275x362SSC-275x362

Wall Mounted Cabinet

SMA-275x362 SMB-275x362 SMC-275x362

SML-275x362 SMO-275x362 SMQ-275x362


บริษัท แฟต แคท โซลูชั่น จํากัด
Address : 66 ซ.รามคําแหง 43, ถ.รามคําแหง แขวงหัวหมาก, เขตบางกะปิ กทม.10240
Tel : +66 89 8966561, +66 95 1497446
Email : engineer@fatcats.biz
website : http://www.fatcats.biz/


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