I Plus Supplies Co., Ltd.

I Plus Supplies

We are food additive distributor in Thailand.
We find interested products for import to Thailand such as food additive, chemicals, Dairy, Egg products and so on.
Now we expand to home appliance and audio market, We seeking new supplier for new market.



Food Additives, Acidity Regulators, Flour Treatment Agents, Food Acids, Gelling Agents, Glazing Agents, Humectants, Improving Agents, Mineral salts, Food Preservatives, Seasonings, Anti-caking Agents, Sequestrants, Food Stabilizers, Sweeteners, Food Thickeners, Natural Gums, Anti-foaming Agents, Food Coloring Agents, Color Retention Agents, Emulsifiers, Firming agents, Flavor Enhancers

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I Plus Supplies Co., Ltd.
Address : 37/46 MOO1 JOMTHONG RD., JOMTHONG, Thailand
Phone : 02 – 4530074
Fax : 02 – 4685164

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